Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mr. Wright gets interviewed on Positive Promotions...

Positive Promotions, a television company, was established in June of 1991 by Tim Qualls, who has an extensive background in the entertainment field. His success in radio broadcasting helped paved the way for his transition into television.

Positive Promotions was designed with the intent to provide local television service with shows that would capture the interest of viewers, as well as help establish and promote local businesses. We would like you to be a part of our success. We have increased business for our clients with profits, popularity and notoriety by simple word of mouth.

Presently, Positive Promotions is producing a variety of television shows which air in some of the most watched hours on television. "Around Town" is a television show about people, places and events in Delaware. Previous shows have covered such topics as The Blue Rocks, The Wilmington Air Show, The Delaware Memorial Bridge, The Newark Hot Air Balloon Festival, and the building of the Kalmar Nyckel. These shows have been educational, informative and entertaining for the viewing audience of New Castle County. Our new show "Cook to Order" is a program that features great chefs, the fine food they create and the unique dining environments in and around Delaware. This show highlights not only the chefs and their culinary abilities but also the restaurants and their atmospheres.

Thankx to Brittany & my father 

Positive Promotions

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  1. Good photos. I like your blog. Hope you've had a cool weekend.