Monday, September 21, 2009

Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs 2009

When we started Greedy Genius 4 years ago, I could only imagine what the future held for us. How could a sneaker collector, a fan create a brand ? How could GREEDY GENIUS an independent brand ever stand a chance against the Fortune 500 companies that control the footwear market ? Fast forward 4 years and through all the ups and downs, it’s incredible how the market has accepted our brand and supported our movement. It has been exciting to see the transformation of the business these past few years. It’s been even more exciting to see all the websites, underground brands, our peers, and friends expand so quickly, being recognized globally.

Businessweek since the late 1920’s has been one of the most respected publications in the business world. Providing expert reviews and delivering insights into the most successful people of our age. Each year Businessweek chooses a handful of young entrepreneurs across the world in varying fields to highlight their achievements.

This year, it is a real honor to be chosen by Businessweek as one of Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs Of 2009.Thank you all, for the warm love and support. Your votes are appreciated !


Greedy Genius

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