Monday, November 16, 2009

20 Minutes...An American Tale by G. Lloyd Morris

Synopsis of the film

Evan Jones has decided that he is never going back to jail again; he needs to change. His older brother Miles reluctantly agrees to help him get on his feet under one condition: "Be here in 20 minutes...otherwise, stay where you at." From that moment, Evan is confronted with every possible trapping of the streets. Will he make it in time? Come see the world premier of the new short film 20 Minutes...An American Tale by G. Lloyd Morris. For more information and ticket purchase, visit

I love to see powerful films where the story is about choices....Keep up the workflow Greg

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  1. Dre:
    Our photo shoot was amazing. You really captured the artistry and the team concept that Dawn and I share. I loved it. Thank you.

    -G. Lloyd Morris/IAM Film Works