Wednesday, May 16, 2012

100 Men Reading...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being part of an organization that READS to the kids. Its called "100 Men Reading" where influential men from all different backgrounds come together and read to the youth. I had so much fun reading at Shortledge Academy in Wilmington Delaware. To make a difference in the community must start with the YOUTH....

"The 100 Men Reading Program is the brainchild of 10 year old Imani Henry, a Reading Assist Institute alumnus.  Imani wanted to promote reading to young children in Delaware and co-authored a Macy’s Reading is Fundamental (RIF) grant.    Her concept, 100 Men Reading Day, brings men into the classroom to read to students.    Her goal is to promote this program to children ages preschool through 5th grade.  “I know how hard it was for me to learn to read when I was 5 years old.   So I had an idea to develop 100 Men reading program, men all over Delaware can help make a huge difference.” “Someday I would like to invite President Obama to read on 100 Men Reading Day,” said Imani Henry"

100 MEN Reading

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