Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Split Second" Trailer 720...

A FONTAIN VISION production in association with LANCASTER59 entertainment and AVIATOR films brings you "Split Second" Directed by Tim Fontaine and written by Lasha Martin. When everything seems like its all falling into place, police officer Mike Yancey (Todd Anthony) finds out that his Hodgkins lymphoma disease, a form of cancer has resurfaced. This news turns his world completely upside down in more ways than you could ever imagine. Realizing he's going to lose his wife Tia (Tiffany Yancey) and daughter Siani (Sole' Lyric Dunn), he tells his wife and best friend that he wants to end his life because his insurance policy will not give his family the maximum payout of $1 million or a payout at all if he dies from this type of cancer or suicide. His best friend Anthony aka "Ant" (Neil Carr) refuses to go along with it until he is reminded of a past skeleton that only he and Mike know about. "Ant" has no choice but to go along and Mike's wife Tia is caught in the middle but goes along with her husband's plan. Shockingly, they agree to do it. See how one mans life, plagued by many secrets, can change for the worse in a Split Second.

Find out more at splitsecondthemovie.com and facebook.com/splitsecondthemovie

Also, keep in touch with the producers and actors of the film:
Facebook: Tim Fontaine, Todd Anthony, Neil Carr, Tiffany Yancey, Mia Mendez and Shelby Martin

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