Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Last Friday we got to experience The "POLY MATH EXPERIMENT" a collaboration by ALEXANDERJOHN x PUMA  POLY MATH EXPERIMENT is based on the entrepreneur culture that made America what is and what it continues to be. A polymath is a person that has knowledge in many different fields and uses it to solve a problem.

In today's society that’s a normal thing with many of us being Bloggers, Photographers, Graphic Designers and more at the same time! ALEXANDERJOHN flew to Boston to work on this project with a team of Scientist, Artist, Engineers, Animators, and Architects who have all come together to make this project happen. They all work at a company called Danger Awesome that serves as a collaborative space and houses multiple 3D printing machines, Laser Engraving Machines and a CNC Machine as well.

With Their expertise and help ALEXANDERJOHN was able to present the Worlds first collaboration with PUMA between and a Custom Sneaker Artist to release in a store! Each shoe is laser engraved in 5 places. The process to make this wasn’t easy, each shoe was hand turned and the image had to be resized to fit the space every time we put a new shoe in the machine Making each pair unique! ALEXANDERJOHN worked around the clock with Laser Technicians who on their day jobs are much more than that! ALEXANDERJOHN felt as if he was getting smarter by the minute! The team completed 24 pairs in 4 days and the team couldn’t be happier with the outcome. 

ALEXANDERJOHN also did a live art installation and shoe launch at the PUMA store in KING of PRUSSIA MALL in Philadelphia on Friday September 4th. There are only 24 pairs available in store and online as well. 

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