Friday, April 22, 2016


When it comes to portable chargers for your mobile device there chargers that will charge and then there are chargers that will be a dope accessory to your lifestyle. WattzUp Power is changing the game when it comes to stylish chargers. We got the chance to use and talk with the Founder of WattzUp Power Wally. Here is his words,  

"Some of the greatest things in life are birthed on the internet. From Damn Daniel to cute kitten memes, two things are clearly evident; people love the internet and we simply cannot live without our mobile devices. Keep it real. Most of our phones are approaching 10% battery by lunch. WattzUp Power switches up your boring block shaped power banks by taking the things we love about the internet and turning them into portable chargers. Everything from the poop emoji to a 3-D molded Unicorn can be found on their growing web store offerings. Each WattzUp Power charger can power your iPhone 6/6s to 100% in a single use. Clearly the coolest chargers on the internet have arrived". 

Go support greatness. . .



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