Wednesday, November 14, 2012

IM BRANDED Marketing Pitch...

IM.brnd was formed quite simply because we felt the cell phone accessory business sucked. Too many choices, too little quality, no emotion. Cases are either too cheap and disposable, overly punctual and nerdy with no flare, or too expensive with features that actually make phones less usable than the product was designed for originally.

For iPhones, and many other products, cases defeat the slim and small design purpose of the phone... often doubling the original size! IM.brnd set out to create the case for those who WANT a small phone, those who typically hate cases, as well as those looking for the best protection and casing for their iPhone. With some of the biggest contemporary artists at the design helm, style is never sacrificed.

IM.brnd was created equally around design and protection. IM.brnd aims to revolutionize the accessory and casing market with style meeting functionality.

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