Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DOGETBE: Young Mens Group 2015 Spring Conference Recap

We had the opportunity to speak to 100 young men the other day at Kirk Middle School for there "DOGETBE": Young Mens Group 2015 Spring Conference. The program was curated by Mr. Wilson (Dean Of Students) SRO Det. McGroy and Mr. Frazier to enhance each students academic, behavior, and social interactions with other individuals. Through the use of various workshops, guest speakers and interactive programs to include community service projects, students will become more in tune to their capabilities. Therefore the young men will become more positive & productive in school. 

The day was filled with educational and inspirational motivations. The students watched a movie titled “The Life of a King”  This movie is based on the struggle an ex-con who experienced life challenges and how he formulated a chess club to offer an alternative to street gangs. After the young men was broken up into groups where they were mentored by great community and motivational speakers. Darron Johnson Wilson (Founder of DOGETBE) Sherry Dorsey Walker (City Council)- John Jefferson (Athlete/ BPG)- Marchitect ( - Greg Watkins ( Kevin Howie (Marine Corps)- Din Thomas (NMA)- Andre' Wright Jr. (Color Of Life)

If you would like to know more about the program contact: Mr. Wilson (Dean Of Students)

“You Only Live ONCE – If you Make Good CHOICES - ONCE is all you Need!”
"Do Good Get Better Be Special"

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  1. Nice, I like it. Keep up the goodwork, I see you and Darron doing what is mostly appreciated and taking the time to show our young men how much life is important and that there is a lot more out ther than the streets. Congratulations