Sunday, April 26, 2015


In 2010 we created a magazine "WHERE LIFE IS CREATED." We hand picked creatives from all walks of life who represented what COLOR OF LIFE Branding is about and put the spot light on them. There was a DJ to a Film Maker, Singer, Model, Clothing Designer, Music Producer, Actor and Rapper. The pro-cess was amazing from photographing in house to editing the images to choosing the layout and finally a printer. This was our first time we ever put together a magazine of this callabor so we wanted it to be the best and made sure that we showed the best perspective for the creatives.

We would like to thank all that was involved in the process because with out you all this would not have happen. But we taking the same concept and will be choosing 15 more dope creatives so be on the look out. 

Artist- Neil Carr, G Lloyd Morris, Brawd Way, Jet Phynx, Dom Gaines, Andy Bravo, Jordan Degaines,  Joe Runyri, Justin Rockstar, Mike Jagger, Rick Wiley, Phil Nash, Randal Law, Fusion Unlimited, Word Spit, David Hamilton, and Andrew Howard.

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