Monday, December 28, 2015

Under Armour 35th & O 2015 Catalog

We teamed up with UNDER ARMOUR to show case there 35th & O Catalog, A intersection of design and innovation. Under Armour has crafted a new line of innovations, this time focused on outfitting athletes when they’re not being athletes. Like Superman trading out his cape for a a suit and tie. When you’re not in the gym, on the field, or on the court, 35th & O is what you wear. Made with the most innovative performance fabrics on Earth and maniacally engineered to fit your body perfectly, it’s 100% Under Armour. And it makes you better.

The Under Armour 35th & O collection for 2016 is set to empower athletes when they step off the field or court. With items like the Under Armour M65 Jacket or the 1280560 Under Armour Jogger Pants, you can maintain your athletic lifestyle and appearance even when your not performing.

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Photography: Andre' L. Wright Jr.
Location: Wilmington, DE 

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