Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Our favorite Delaware artist Jet Phynx is releasing a new mix tape in 2016 called "TRANSCENDENCE." We had the opportunity of photographing the cover for the mix-tape. It will consist of 16 songs from my best 3 un released hip hop albums. The album tells a story of who Jet Phynx really is. Parris, the man, the father, the son who has battled between good n evil. All real stories that his father would be proud of. No gimmicks just facts.

The songs go from dark to light but people will get the chance to see the man behind the shades. The songs will also come with videos as well. Similar to what Beyoncé did with her self titled album. It was almost like a movie with a soundtrack. But over all it could be a great platform for the music, videography, and fashion styling.

 Album Cover photography- Andre' Wright jr. @coloroflife 

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